Parents' Bill of Rights

Commercial Alert proposes a "Parents' Bill of Rights" to help parents combat the commercial influences that prey upon their children and that promote products and values of which parents do not approve.

The nine provisions of the Parentsí Bill of Rights would help right the balance between parents and the commercial culture and would enable parents to reduce the role of the latter in their childrens' lives if they so choose.

Take Action Now!

1) Click here to send emails in support of the Parents' Bill of Rights directly to your members of Congress.

2) Please make copies of the Parentsí Bill of Rights, and give or mail them to your members of Congress, state legislators and candidates. Ask them to turn the provisions into law. Distribute the Parents' Bill of Rights at day care centers, schools, churches, synagogues, coffee shops, grocery stores and other places where parents gather.

3) To find out who your federal and state lawmakers and candidates are, and how to contact them, visit Project Vote Smart and use the zip-code finder on the left side bar.

4) Call (503) 235-8012 to volunteer or to find out how you can help enact the Parents' Bill of Rights into law.

5) Click here to download Commercial Alert's fact sheet on how you can help enact the Parents' Bill of Rights into law.

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News Releases

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Gary Ruskin | June 24th, 2004

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Gary Ruskin | September 30th, 1999

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