Ad Creep

Americans feel assaulted by ads. There are ads in schools, airport lounges, doctors offices, movie theaters, hospitals, gas stations, elevators, convenience stores, on the Internet, on fruit, on ATM's, on garbage cans and countless other places. There are ads on beach sand and restroom walls.

"I don't know if anything is sacred anymore," Mike Swanson, who directs ad placement for the ad agency Carmichael Lynch, told the Associated Press.

This assault intensifies virtually every day. With ad budgets skyrocketing, advertising techniques inevitably become more invasive and coercive. Advertisers are engaged in a relentless battle to claim every waking moment, and what one executive called, with chilling candor,mind share.

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Commercial Alert Response to Hasbro-Discovery Channel Joint Venture
Robert Weissman | April 30th, 2009

Commercialism is Overrunning the Olympics, Charges Report
Robert Weissman | August 6th, 2008

Hasbro’s “New” Monopoly: Junk Food On Park Place
Gary Ruskin and Jonathan Rowe | September 12th, 2006

Commercial Alert Statement on CBS “Egg-vertising”
Gary Ruskin | July 17th, 2006

Seattle School Board Wins National Ad Slam Contest
Gary Ruskin | June 12th, 2002

Ad Slam Contest Will Award $5,000 Prize for Removing Ads from School
Gary Ruskin | October 16th, 2001

GAO Report Shows Most Kids Not Protected from Ads in Schools
Gary Ruskin | September 14th, 2001

Commercial Alert Praises Hillary Clinton's Proposed Ban on Ads Targeted at Preschoolers
Gary Ruskin | September 28th, 2000

Commercial Alert Praises Hillary Clinton's Proposed Ban on Ads Targeted at Preschoolers
Gary Ruskin | September 28th, 2000

Commercial Alert Queries Ad Agencies About
Gary Ruskin | April 12th, 2000

Nader Criticizes Wells Fargo's ATM Captive-Customer Ads, High Fees
Gary Ruskin | March 9th, 1999

Nader Starts Group to Oppose the Excesses of Marketing, Advertising and Commercialism
Gary Ruskin | September 8th, 1998


Mardi Gras First: Corporate Sponsorships
Gary Ruskin | November 26th, 2005

A 'Death Spiral of Disrespect'; If the Consumer is Really King, Why Do Marketers Keep Bombarding Him?
Gary Ruskin | April 26th, 2004

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Evan Ramstad | Wall Street Journal | October 9th, 2012

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Naomi Darom and Nati Tucker | Haaertz | August 10th, 2012

Ads Here, There, and Everywhere
Curtis Peters | Bloomberg Businessweek | August 6th, 2012

That’s Not a Country Music Star. It’s a Marketing Machine.
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | June 12th, 2012

Band-Aids and Muppets Aim to Soothe Child’s Scrapes
ANDREW ADAM NEWMAN | The New York Times | May 23rd, 2012

The Huffington Post Wants to Help Brands Create Their Own Content Sites
Jason Del Rey | Advertising Age | May 22nd, 2012

The Outsourced Life
ARLIE RUSSELL HOCHSCHILD | The New York Times | May 7th, 2012

Mixing Marketing With Social Games and Extreme Sports
Elizabeth Olson | The New York Times | May 7th, 2012

Tumblr starts selling ads — but not all advertisers welcome
Jennifer Van Grove | Venture Beat | May 4th, 2012

Microsoft Weighs Ad Options for Skype
Anna Maria Virzi | ClickZ | April 30th, 2012

Baltimore councilman proposes advertisements on fire trucks
Jack Lambert | Baltimore Business Journal | April 18th, 2012

Illuminated billboards could soon light up city of Miami buildings, parks
Charles Rabin | Miami Herald | April 13th, 2012

Not the best sign, but . . .
Editorial | Miami Herald | April 12th, 2012

Puyallup brothers debut on NBC tonight
Craig Sailor | The Bellingham Herald | April 2nd, 2012

Many 1-800-GET-THIN freeway billboards disappear
Stuart Pfeifer | Los Angeles Times | March 15th, 2012

The Rise of 'Visual Pollution' and the Fight to Stop It
Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg | The Atlantic | March 7th, 2012

City wants to sell naming rights at harbor
Anita Lee | Sun Herald | March 5th, 2012

Starbucks deals mixed with baby photos, status updates? Facebook unveils new ways to advertise
Associated Press | Washington Post | March 1st, 2012

Funding gap has library mulling more ads
Samina Esha | The National Post | February 29th, 2012

This Time the Co-Brand Makes It Into the Title
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | February 29th, 2012

Let's resist urge to sell out school buses, nature trails for cash
Beth Kassab | Orlando Sentinel | February 28th, 2012

Charity to run gender recognition outdoor ad
Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith | Campaign | February 21st, 2012

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?
Tim Peterson | AdWeek | February 13th, 2012

Smell-Vertising Hits U.K. With Potato-Scented Bus Shelters
AdWeek | February 8th, 2012

Before the Toss, Super Bowl Ads
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | February 3rd, 2012

Marketers such as VW use ads to promote their Super Bowl ads
Laura Petrecca | USA Today | January 31st, 2012

96 percent of Google’s revenue is advertising, who buys it? (infographic)
Meghan Kelly | Venture Beat | January 30th, 2012

Facebook Ads, The First Amendment and the Almighty ‘Like’
Joe Palazzolo | Wall Street Journal, Law Blog | December 21st, 2011

Dow Chemical's Olympic Sponsorship Is Criticized
VIBHUTI AGARWAL | Wall Street Journal | December 15th, 2011

Branson City Officials Hear 'Clean-Up Ordinance'; Business Calls it Targeted
Joanna Small and Joel Girdner | KSPR | December 14th, 2011

New ad-mad taxi plan set
JENNIFER FERMINO | New York Post | December 2nd, 2011

Should schools, cities and landmarks be selling ad space?
Patt Morrison Show | KPCC | December 2nd, 2011

USPS Selling Advertising on Trucks in Pilot Program
Kerem Ozkan, Riley Wilson | Advertising Age | December 2nd, 2011

Oregon airport to put giant ads on control tower
AP | WGME | November 18th, 2011

'Wired' Bringing Advertisers and Its Blogs Closer Together
Lucia Moses | AdWeek | November 2nd, 2011

Clean ads create a stir in San Francisco
Jonathan Bloom | ABC News | November 1st, 2011

Advertising is a poison that demeans even love – and we're hooked on it
George Monbiot | The Guardian | October 24th, 2011

Products R Us: Are We 'Brandwashed'?
Staff | NPR | October 24th, 2011

Ads add up for airlines, but some fliers say it's too much
Gary Stoller | USA TODAY | October 20th, 2011

McDonald's to launch in-store channel
Greg Braxton and Joe Flint | Los Angeles Times | October 17th, 2011

Ad firm behind 'supergraphics' sued by city of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times | September 19th, 2011

Some Cabbies Given Right to Say No to Racy Ads
The New York Times | September 16th, 2011

Forever 21 Appeals to Girls Who Are 'Allergic to Algebra'
AdWeek | September 14th, 2011

Twitter to Start Publishing Promoted Tweets to a Broader Audience
AdAge | September 14th, 2011

Advertising heaven, privacy hell | September 12th, 2011

Honoring Sept. 11, With Care
The New York Times | September 2nd, 2011

Dunkin’ Donuts Opens Shop in Sims’ Universe
The New York Times | August 19th, 2011

Ads coming to a license plate near you?
Chicago Tribune | August 1st, 2011

Summer Forecast: Sunny With a Chance of Ads
The Wall Street Journal | July 28th, 2011

Can we ever escape product placement?
Salon | July 21st, 2011

Your Smartphone Is Listening in While You Watch TV
Advertising Age | July 19th, 2011

Video name tags travel with Rihanna's Loud Tour
Los Angele Times | July 11th, 2011

Guerrilla marketing can be like warfare
Globe and Mail | July 11th, 2011

More Naming-Rights Deals Coming to US Colleges?
Brand Channel | July 5th, 2011

Bank statements now come with targeted ads
The New York Times | June 15th, 2011

Struggling Illinois weighs license plate ads
Chicago Tribune | June 15th, 2011

E-readers - the next ad frontier
Biz Report | June 8th, 2011

'Bart Simpson' totem expelled from Niagara Falls
The Globe and Mail | June 7th, 2011

PBS's dangerous dance with a commercial move
The Denver Post | June 7th, 2011

PBS Shows Will No Longer Be Ad-Free
Slate | June 1st, 2011

Patriotism Still Plays (and Pays Off) for A-B, MillerCoors
Advertising Age | May 30th, 2011

The New Product Placement | May 30th, 2011

Electronic billboards set for tollway oases
Chicago Tribune | May 24th, 2011

This Book Brought to You by...
The Wall Street Journal | April 26th, 2011

Ads Suggest Allergy Relief at the Pump
The New York Times | April 25th, 2011

New Tech From U.K.'s Sky Offers Promise for Targeted Advertising
Ad Age Global | April 18th, 2011

What would Don Draper do?
Salon | April 14th, 2011

Century 21 Looks for Promotion, Branding Potential in Mobile Games
MobileMarketingWatch | April 14th, 2011

Cheaper Kindle in Works, But It Comes With Ads
The Wall Street Journal | April 12th, 2011

Would You Turn Your House Into A Billboard If The Advertiser Paid Your Mortgage?
The Consumerist | April 7th, 2011

A Growing Population, and Target, for Marketers
The New York Times | April 5th, 2011

Advertising company putting ads in county jail
The Buffalo News | March 28th, 2011

Web Ads to Draw Nearly 25% of Local Spend by 2015
ClickZ | March 23rd, 2011

Study finds that kids are exposed to many ads for fast-food restaurants
The Washngton Post | March 22nd, 2011

At Thrillist, Mingling Commerce and Content
The New York Times | March 21st, 2011

Heinz Launches Limited-Edition Ketchup on Facebook in U.K.
Advertising Age | March 11th, 2011

Unilever's Keith Weed: Brands Must Be Made Into 'Media Properties'
Brand Week | March 9th, 2011

Kraft Treats for Tweets About Mac & Cheese
Advertising Age | March 9th, 2011

Twitterati Cries Foul Over New Mobile Ad Tool
Ad Week | March 8th, 2011

Now in Skype: Advertisements
LA Times | March 8th, 2011

How Charlie Sheen and Other Stars Get Paid to Tweet
The Wall Street Journal | March 7th, 2011

Billboards Join Wired Age
February 9th, 2011

State Farm Launches Branded Challenges in Car Town Game
Promo Magazine | February 9th, 2011

Ads appear on school websites
Jeff Martin | USA Today | March 18th, 2010

Tokyo Café Targets Trend Makers
Miho Inada | The Wall Street Journal | August 24th, 2009

Is Advertising on Bears Practice Jersey Just a Start?
Ed Sherman | Crain's Chicago Business | August 10th, 2009

Despite Recession, Companies Target Latino Market
Beatrice E. Garcia | The Miami Herald | August 10th, 2009

Ads Follow Web Users, and Get More Personal
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | July 30th, 2009

And Now, Ads on NBA Practice Jerseys
Toni Fitzgerald | Media Life | July 30th, 2009

Fellow Graduates, Before We Greet The Future, a Word From My Sponsor
Ethan Smith and Sabrina Shankman | The Wall Street Journal | July 28th, 2009

Transforming the Future of Advertising
Neil Merrett | The Age (Australia) | July 21st, 2009

Telemundo, Ford Plan Microseries Play
Steve McClellan | AdWeek | July 15th, 2009

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Partners with Nestle on Brand Integration
Paige Albiniak | Broadcasting & Cable | July 13th, 2009

McDonald's Likes Leno for In-Show Monopoly Promo
Theresa Howard | USA Today | July 12th, 2009

Lambert Airport Seeks Takeoff in Revenue
Ken Leiser | St. Louis Post-Dispatch | July 1st, 2009

Your Company's Name Here...
Chris Moran | San Diego Union-Tribune | June 24th, 2009

Jets Joining the Crowd, Adding Corporate Patch on Practice Uniforms
Rich Cimini | New York Daily News | June 18th, 2009

New York Giants Announce Deal with Timex for Practice Facility Naming Rights
Mike Garafolo | The Star-Ledger | June 17th, 2009

Packers Could Sell Ad Space on Practice Jerseys
Associated Press | USA Today | June 4th, 2009

NBC Universal Starts a New, Branded Lineup
Jon Healey | Los Angeles Times | June 2nd, 2009

WNBA Gives Sponsors Shirts on Players' Backs
Rich Thomaselli | Advertising Age | June 1st, 2009

Need to Check Your Cholesterol? There Will Be an App for That
Rich Thomaselli | Advertising Age | June 1st, 2009

Starbucks Is Now the Official Joe of ‘Morning Joe’
Brian Stelter | The New York Times | May 31st, 2009

Unilever Goes Hollywood
Jonathan Cheng | The Wall Street Journal | May 22nd, 2009

For Pizza Hut, Jesse James Is a Sponsored Man
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | May 21st, 2009

Alcatel Gets Into Mobile Ads
Sara Silver and Emily Steel | The Wall Street Journal | May 21st, 2009

Pandora: Unleashing Mobile Phone Ads
Tom Lowry | BusinessWeek | May 21st, 2009

A Sober Look at Ads and Children
Linda Matchan | The Boston Globe | May 17th, 2009

A Book Packager Takes a Step Into Web Video
Ari Karpel | The New York Times | May 6th, 2009

Hasbro and Discovery Form Children's TV Network
Sam Schechner and Joseph Pereira | The Wall Street Journal | May 1st, 2009

Bottom's Up: Sponsored Seats Generate Revenue for MLB Teams
Michael McCarthy | USA Today | May 1st, 2009

Multi-Platform 'Mackenzie Blue' Arrives
Evie Nagy | Publishers Weekly | April 30th, 2009

Toy Maker Hasbro Partners with Discovery Kids Network on New Channel
Joe Flint | Los Angeles Times | April 30th, 2009

Hasbro/Discovery Kids TV Deal May Rankle FCC
Ira Teinowitz | The Wrap | April 30th, 2009

Hasbro and Discovery Join to Create Toy TV Mania
Alana Semuels | Los Angeles Times | April 30th, 2009

Product Placement Makes Inroads on Broadway
Jake Coyle | The Associated Press | April 29th, 2009

Bud Light Product Placement on Facebook
PPN Staff | Product Placement News | April 23rd, 2009

TiVo Promotes Ads It Hopes You’ll Talk to, Not Zap
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | April 22nd, 2009

Marketing Earth Day (and Other Stuff) to Children
Susan Linn & Josh Golin | The Huffington Post | April 21st, 2009

Is NBA's Brand Integration Becoming Too Much for Fans?
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | April 21st, 2009

AOL Morphs Logo Into TurboTax Ad
Brian Morrissey | AdWeek | April 15th, 2009

Bravo Shows Move Further Into Licensing Products
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | April 12th, 2009

Another Los Angeles Times Advertisement Draws Fire
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | April 10th, 2009

Ad Resembling Story Appears on Front of LA Times
AP | BusinessWeek | April 9th, 2009

Front of Los Angeles Times Has an NBC ‘Article’
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | April 9th, 2009

Mobile Ads Make Gains, But Pace Slows Sharply
Roger Cheng | The Wall Street Journal | April 8th, 2009

Magazines Blur Line Between Ad and Article
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | April 7th, 2009

Airborne Advertising Rises to New Heights
Alana Semuels | Los Angeles Times | April 7th, 2009

Coca-Cola Testing Interactive Vending Machines
Patricia Odell | PROMO Magazine | April 3rd, 2009

Little Debbie to Serve as Sponsor for Fiesta Atlanta's Soccer Challenge
PRNewswire | March 31st, 2009

Carnival Cruise Places Interactive “Aquariums” in Store Windows
Brian Quinton | PROMO Magazine | March 31st, 2009

Infiniti Revs Placements
T.L. Stanley | BrandWeek | March 21st, 2009

McDonald's Makes Major Move into School Education with Free Online Maths Program
Bruce McDougall | The Daily Telegraph (Australia) | March 20th, 2009

Record Label Retrofits Song for Nivea TV Ad
Claude Brodesser-Akner | Advertising Age | March 19th, 2009

Money-Hungry Schools Getting Down to Business
Michael Birnbaum | The Washington Post | March 13th, 2009

Creeping Onto the Front Covers of Magazines, Paid Ads
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | March 11th, 2009

Cable Companies Target Commercials to Audience
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | March 3rd, 2009

Tiger Will Have AT&T Golf Bag
Darren Rovell | CNBC Sports Biz | February 23rd, 2009

The Body as Billboard: Your Ad Here
Andrew Adam Newman | The New York Times | February 17th, 2009

Meetup Goes From Social Organizer to Brand-Building Tool
Michael Learmonth | Advertising Age | February 16th, 2009

Scholastic Corp. Criticized For Marketing Toys, Video Games in School-based Book Clubs
David Crary | Associate Press | February 9th, 2009

Absolut Breaks Voluntary Ban on Liquor Ads on Broadcast TV
Anthony Crupi, Mediaweek and Kenneth Hein, Brandweek | AdWeek | February 9th, 2009

Pop Fans Click on to Stars’ Sing’n’Sells
John Harlow and Jan Battles | The Sunday Times (UK) | February 8th, 2009

'Saturday Night Live' Acts as Ad Agency for Pepsi
Brian Steinberg | Advertising Age | February 5th, 2009

Lexus Buys Naming Rights to KDKA Studios
Pittsburgh Business Times | February 3rd, 2009

In Paris, an Anti-Ad Insurgency
Sebastian Rotella and Audrey Bastide | Los Angeles Times | January 31st, 2009

Marketers Take Search Ads Beyond Search Engines
Emily Steel | The Wall Street Journal | January 20th, 2009

Ikea Builds Oval Office in Busy Washington Train Station
Brian Quinton | PROMO Magazine | January 14th, 2009

A Text Arrives. Oh, It’s Just an ‘Idol’ Ad.
Matt Richtel | The New York Times | January 13th, 2009

Heavy Signs on Foster's for Sponsorship
Mike Shields | MediaWeek | January 12th, 2009

Burger King Product Placement on Facebook
Product Placement News | January 9th, 2009

Geico to Sponsor Two Nat Geo Channel Shows
Michael Bush | Advertising Age | January 8th, 2009

Brewers, Potawatomi Announce New Deal
Don Walker | Milwaukee Journal Sentinal | January 8th, 2009

Miami-Dade Transit Selling Metromover Station Naming Rights
Risa Polansky | Miami Today | January 8th, 2009

Marketers Can Get on the Menu at JetBlue's Terminal Five
Natalie Zmuda | Advertising Age | December 22nd, 2008

Legislation Would Turn New Jersey School Buses into Billboards
Derek Harper | | December 15th, 2008

Mead's Branded Video Game Attracts 10 Million Players
Laurie Sullivan | Online Media Daily | December 15th, 2008

When Ads Enter the Classroom, It's a Deal With El Diablo
David Debolt | The Chronicle of Higher Education | December 12th, 2008

Mountain Dew Sets Its Sights on Video-Game Market
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | December 11th, 2008

Stadium Sponsorship Grows to New Levels
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | December 10th, 2008

Diet Coke Launches 'Style Series' in Unusual Places
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | December 10th, 2008

Economic Woes May Force Colleges to Go Corporate
Michael McCarthy and Jodi Upton | USA Today | December 10th, 2008

Sharp Creates Towering Holiday Tree in Grand Central with TVs
Patricia Odell | PROMO Magazine | December 5th, 2008

Consumer Group Accuses Medical Device Makers of Misusing Online Video Promotions
Matthew Perrone (AP) | Los Angeles Times | December 3rd, 2008

Ads on Tests Add Up for Teacher
Greg Toppo and Janet Kornblum | USA Today | December 2nd, 2008

Jameson 'Speaks' Out to Public
Marissa Miley | Advertising Age | December 1st, 2008

Hot Food, and Air, at Bus Stops
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | December 1st, 2008

Pepsi Plans Big Mexican Investment
Betsy McKay | The Wall Street Journal | November 21st, 2008

An Ad Network in Times Square
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | November 19th, 2008

YouTube Plans to Sell Search-Based Ads a la Google
Jessica Guynn | Los Angeles Times | November 13th, 2008

Facebook Tries to Woo Marketers
Jessica E. Vascellaro | The Wall Street Journal | November 11th, 2008

Animal Planet Branches Out With New Series, Ad Deals
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | November 6th, 2008

Billboards Brighten Los Angeles Night, to the Anger of Many
Rebecca Cathcart | The New York Times | November 5th, 2008

Like a Billboard, but, Oh, So Sleek
Eric Pfanner | The New York Times | November 4th, 2008

Advertisers Up the Ante as Products Become TV Plots
Gloria Goodale | The Christian Science Monitor | November 3rd, 2008

Hanging Out at a Mall for the Holidays
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | October 30th, 2008

Personalized Store Ads Take Off
David Kesmodel | The Wall Street Journal | October 23rd, 2008

This Space for Rent -- to Advertisers, if Not Retail Tenants
Kris Hudson | The Wall Street Journal | October 22nd, 2008

Economy Makes Fox Ad Enhancements More Appealing
Michael McCarthy | USA Today | October 22nd, 2008

Saturn Teams Up With CBS Interactive to Create New Original Web Series 'Novel Adventures'
MarketWatch | October 22nd, 2008

ING NYC Marathon Sponsor Field Grows, Adds Contests
Richard Tedesco | PROMO Magazine | October 21st, 2008

Soon, Your Mayonnaise Label May Have Sight, Sound, Video
Jack Neff | Advertising Age | October 20th, 2008

The Train Is Coming. And With It, More Ads.
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | October 16th, 2008

Honda Finds a Groovy New Way to Pitch Products: The Musical Road
Alana Semuels, | Los Angeles Times | October 13th, 2008

In Bid for Small-Business Ads, MySpace Launches Self-Service Advertising Platform
Rachel Metz | Minneapolis Star-Tribune | October 13th, 2008

Will Video Search Ads Be YouTube's Money Mint?
Abbey Klaassen | Advertising Age | October 13th, 2008

YouTube to Offer TV Shows With Ads Strewn Through
Brian Stelter | The New York Times | October 10th, 2008

YouTube Tests 'Click-to-Buy' Ads
Mike Shields | AdWeek | October 8th, 2008

Google Intros AdSense for Games
Mike Shields | AdWeek | October 8th, 2008

Ads to the Rescue as Distraction from Root Canals
Anick Jesdanun | Associate Press | October 7th, 2008

Sims Venture Into Outside World Full of Advertising
Abbey Klaassen | Advertising Age | October 6th, 2008

Airlines Serve Ads to a Captive Audience
Peter Pae | Los Angeles Times | October 3rd, 2008

Today’s Lesson: Selling Teenagers on Benefits of Milk
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | September 25th, 2008

School Children Thrown Overboard into Commercial Sea
Press Release | Arizona State University | September 22nd, 2008

State Farm Ventures Into Reality TV
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | September 18th, 2008

Kimberly-Clark Reaches Out to Moms
Della de Lafuente | AdWeek | September 17th, 2008

TNT Launches Latest Micro-Series with Acura
Richard Tedesco | PROMO Magazine | September 15th, 2008

Strapped for Cash, Schools Eye Bus Ads
Emily Bryson York | Advertising Age | September 15th, 2008

Study: Gamers Respond to Ads
Mike Beirne | AdWeek | September 15th, 2008

NYC's Hispanic Heritage Event is a Fiesta for Marketers
Della de Lafuente | BrandWeek | September 12th, 2008

NBC Manages to Rack Up Strong Sales on Super Bowl
Stephanie Kang and Suzanne Vranica | The Wall Street Journal | September 12th, 2008

Are the Army's New Marketing Tactics a Little too Kid-Friendly?
Natalie Zmuda | Advertising Age | September 8th, 2008

Electronic Billboards to Appear in Venice's St. Mark's Square
Emma Hall | Advertising Age | September 3rd, 2008

Fox Soccer Crafts Show for Bass Ale
Shahnaz Mahmud | AdWeek | August 29th, 2008

Retailers Give it the Old College Try
Jennifer Saranow | The Associated Press | August 28th, 2008

TV's Future Looks Like Web's Present
Brian Morrissey | AdWeek | August 27th, 2008

Facebook Proposes 'Engagement Ads,' Educates Marketers
Abbey Klaassen | Advertising Age | August 25th, 2008

Marketing to Millennials
Dan Macsai | BusinessWeek | August 22nd, 2008

The Ad Changes With the Shopper in Front of It
Emily Steel | The Wall Street Journal | August 21st, 2008

FTC Commissioner Tackles Ads for Kids
Ross Kenneth Urken | The Wall Street Journal | August 20th, 2008

Coke Pins China Hopes On Blitz in Beijing
Geoffrey A. Fowler and Betsy McKay | The Wall Street Journal | August 19th, 2008

Study Slams IOC Sponsorship Policies
Steve McClellan | AdWeek | August 18th, 2008

Papa John's Pie in the Sky
Laura Petrecca and Bruce Horovitz | USA Today | August 17th, 2008

You Are Here (and Probably Seeing an Ad)
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | August 14th, 2008

Crying Foul over Online Junk Food Marketing
Catherine Holahan | BusinessWeek | August 12th, 2008

A Film on the Trucking Life Also Promotes a Big Rig
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | August 12th, 2008

The Battle for the Lower Third
Broadcasting & Cable | August 12th, 2008

Olympics Overrun by Commercial Interests: Report
Richard Tedesco | PROMO Magazine | August 11th, 2008

Commercialism is Overrunning the Olympics, Charges Report
News Blaze | August 6th, 2008

SinglePoint Serves Ads to Mobile Phones
Shahnaz Mahmud | AdWeek | August 5th, 2008

Summer Silliness Brings a Pizza Field and a Giant Oreo
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | August 1st, 2008

Unilever's Degree Nabs Starring Role on Sci Fi Channel
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | July 31st, 2008

1-in-5 Marketers Say They Have Bought Ad Space in Return for a News Story
MarketWatch | July 30th, 2008

Nielsen Tracks TV Ratings in Chinese Subway for the First Time
PRNewswire | July 30th, 2008

Mother Says to Eat Your Soup (and Hum a Tune too)
Emma Hall | Advertising Age | July 30th, 2008

Brands Are the Stars in New Slew of Online Instructional Videos
Megan McIlroy | Advertising Age | July 28th, 2008

Kmart Gets Kids to Create Ads
Amy Johannes | PROMO Magazine | July 24th, 2008

Now ISPs Want to Serve You Ads, Too
Olga Kharif | BusinessWeek | July 24th, 2008

What's That Smell in the Movie Theater? It's an Ad
Emma Hall | Advertising Age | July 24th, 2008

USA Revs Up Product Integrations for Top Performers
Richard Tedesco | PROMO Magazine | July 23rd, 2008

Some Find Corporate Sponsorship of Walk of Fame Hard to Swallow
Alana Semuels | Los Angeles Times | July 22nd, 2008

Meebo Brings Ads to IM Conversations
Brian Morrissey | AdWeek | July 17th, 2008

Airlines Stamping Ads Onto Boarding Passes
Michael Bush | Advertising Age | July 15th, 2008

Sears 'Arrives' on the Social Networking Scene
PRNewswire-FirstCall | July 15th, 2008

Atari Creator Says Games Fertile Ground for Marketers
John Gaudiosi | Advertising Age | July 9th, 2008

Sour Patch Kids Turn to MTV Networks to Try Out I-TV
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | July 8th, 2008

It’s American Brandstand: Marketers Underwrite Performers
Robert Levine | The New York Times | July 7th, 2008

Telemundo Teams With GMC for Made-for-Web Soccer Reality Series
Laurel Wentz | Advertising Age | July 7th, 2008

New Deal Keeps Budweiser Name Before Eyes of Wrigley Visitors
Jim Kirk | The Chicago Tribune | July 4th, 2008

State Farm Brings Advertainment to Latinos
Ayala Ben-Yehuda | Reuters | June 27th, 2008

Phone Giants Roll Out 'Three Screen' Strategy
Amol Sharma | The Wall Street Journal | June 26th, 2008

Study Says Youth Are Swimming in Alcohol Ads
Jeremy Mullman | Advertising Age | June 24th, 2008

Nestlé Joins Gaming World to Sell Water
Claude Brodesser-Akner | Advertising Age | June 22nd, 2008

Coalition Urges FCC to Adopt Product Placement Rules
Steve Miller | BrandWeek | June 19th, 2008

MySpace De-Clutters, Clearing Room for Big Ads
Mike Musgrove | The Washington Post | June 18th, 2008

Southern Comfort to Create Branded Series on MyDamnChannel
Daisy Whitney | TVWeek | June 13th, 2008

Up Next, a Show From Our Sponsor
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | June 12th, 2008

YouTube: You Created the Content, Now Sell the Ads
Abbey Klaassen | Advertising Age | June 9th, 2008

Sony's PS3 to Get In-Game Ads
Nick Wingfield | The Wall Street Journal | June 4th, 2008

Are Ads on Children's Social Networking Sites Harmless Child's Play or Virtual Insanity?
Meg Carter | The Independent | June 2nd, 2008

Commercials Cause Concern in the Virtual Barbie World
Jonathan Birchall | Financial Times Deutschland | May 30th, 2008

Entering Virtual Worlds for Real-Life Pitches
Eric Pfanner | The New York Times | May 29th, 2008

Soccer's Sounders Get a Microsoft Kick
Matthew Futterman | The Wall Street Journal | May 28th, 2008

Viral Video: Cashing In or Selling Out?
Jennifer Hollett | Globe and Mail (Canada) | May 27th, 2008

Get Set to Have Ads on Board
Sarah A. Webster | Detroit Free Press | May 25th, 2008

Advertisers In Touch with Teens' Cellphones
Alana Semuels | Los Angeles Times | May 23rd, 2008

Advertainment: More than Sex and the City Cosmos
Press Release: AUT University | Scoop | May 21st, 2008

New Balance Teams With 'Sesame Street'
Eric Newman | AdWeek | May 13th, 2008

NBC and GM Form Cross-Platform Marketing and Programming Partnership
Press Release | May 12th, 2008

MTV Plans to Increase Its Blending of Ads and Shows
Bill Carter | The New York Times | May 8th, 2008

Kids' Websites 'Exploiting' Youngsters
Clement James | (UK) | May 8th, 2008

What's in a Name? Possibly A Lot of Money
Jeff Gray | Globe and Mail (Canada) | April 24th, 2008

Burger King Brands Subscription Mobile Games
PROMO Magazine | April 24th, 2008

Cinco de Money
Richard Guzmán | Los Angeles Downtown News | April 21st, 2008

"Kimmel" revives live TV commercials
AdWeek | April 15th, 2008

A-B Finds New Venue to Hawk Michelob
Jeremiah McWilliams | St. Louis Post-Dispatch | April 15th, 2008

Is Earth Day the New Christmas?
Natalie Zmuda | Advertising Age | April 14th, 2008

College Presidents Urge Elimination of Alcohol Advertising on NCAA Sports
Center for Science in the Public Interest | April 9th, 2008

Captivating an Audience
Lena H. Sun | The Washington Post | April 6th, 2008

An Online Game So Mysterious Its Famous Sponsor Is Hidden
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | April 1st, 2008

NBC, Fox in Pacts for Targeted Mobile Ads
Brian Morrissey | AdWeek | April 1st, 2008

Coors Signs New 10-Year Deal With The Colorado Rockies
Katherine Wegert | Dow Jones Newswires | March 31st, 2008

The Supporting Actor Wore Radials
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | March 26th, 2008

Wendy's Putting Digital Ads in Bars
Emily Bryson York | Advertising Age | March 25th, 2008

Advertising Appears in Washington State Ferries and Terminal
The Seattle Times | March 24th, 2008

Got Milk? Taps MySpace with New Campaign
Amy Johannes | Promo | March 19th, 2008

A Meet-Up, Brought to You by Huggies
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | March 19th, 2008

Online Games by the Hundreds, With Tie-Ins
Brian Stelter | The New York Times | March 18th, 2008

Another Thing The Doctor Ordered
Burt Helm | BusinessWeek | March 17th, 2008

Build-A-Bear Promotes Site on 120 Million Milk Cartons
Amy Johannes | Promo | March 14th, 2008

Indie Act Seeks Backup Brand
Charles Moran | Advertising Age | March 10th, 2008

Dade Schools Eye Advertising Revenue
Kathleen McGrory | Miami Herald | February 11th, 2008

Children's Playtime Now Fun Time for Big-Time Advertisers
Lena Sin | Vancouver Province (Canada) | February 11th, 2008

School Buses Latest Victim of Ad Creep
Adam Remson | Brandweek | February 8th, 2008

Time to Stop Undermining Children with Ads
Dr. Melissa Perrin, Psy.D | Pioneer Press (Chicago Sun-Times Suburban News) | February 7th, 2008

AdCamo Monetizes Web Page Backgrounds
Adam Ostrow | Mashable | February 7th, 2008

Portrait of a Young Consumer
Jessica Vosgerchian | Michigan Daily | January 30th, 2008

Robert McChesney's "Communication Revolution"
Stephen Lendman's Review | Baltimore Chronicle | January 28th, 2008

The Attack of the Ad-Sponsored Phone Call
Stephanie N. Mehta | Fortune | January 15th, 2008

Aim High: Ad Targeting Moves to the Next Level
Brian Morrissey | Adweek | January 14th, 2008

Video Ads Are Planned for Grocery Carts
Jessica Mintz | Associated Press | January 14th, 2008

Facebook challenged by ad-free rival
Mark Sweney | Guardian Unlimited (UK) | December 24th, 2007

Ad plans for Web run into privacy issues
Byron Acohido | USA Today | December 23rd, 2007

Sell Wrigley name? Go to Zell
Jay Mariotti | Chicago Sun-Times | December 21st, 2007

This holiday tradition is brought to you by ...
Jeff Martin | USA Today | December 20th, 2007

FCC Postpones Decision on Embedded Ads
Brooks Boliek and Gail Schiller | Hollywood Reporter | December 19th, 2007

Hear Voices? It May Be an Ad
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | December 10th, 2007

Internet Poised to Become Ad Stronghold
Rory J. Thompson | Adweek | December 4th, 2007

New Ad Venue: PTA Newsletters
Brian Morrissey | Adweek | November 29th, 2007

A Web Site for Pet Lovers, and Marketers Who Love Them
Louise Story | The New York Times | November 21st, 2007

MySpace to Move Into Ad-Supported Music
Brian Morrissey | Adweek | November 19th, 2007

What's In-Store? Lots of TV Ads
Eric Newman | Brandweek | November 19th, 2007

Ads Keep Spreading, but Are Consumers Immune?
Brian Steinberg | Advertising Age | November 19th, 2007

AOL Deal Marks Latest Digital-Ad Push
Emily Steel | Wall Street Journal | November 8th, 2007

Ad Networks Are the New Dot-Coms
Saul Hansell | The New York Times | November 7th, 2007

5 Newspaper Giants in Talks About Online Ad Network
Michael Oneal | Chicago Tribune | November 6th, 2007

Ad firm gives to Muni measure, gets S.F. contract
Robert Selna | San Francisco Chronicle | October 31st, 2007

Microsoft Bets On Facebook Stake And Web Ad Boom
Robert A. Guth, Vauhini Vara, and Kevin J. Delaney | Wall Street Journal | October 24th, 2007

Update notifier for desktop Java carries advertisement for OpenOffice
David Berland | Zdnet | October 18th, 2007

Babes in BrandLand
T.L. Stanley | Brandweek | October 17th, 2007

Firm Mines Offline Data To Target Online Ads
Kevin J. Delany and Emily Steel | Wall Street Journal | October 17th, 2007

Advertainment Greets Moviegoers
Laura Petrecca | USA Today | October 15th, 2007

Ad dollars flood Web, but will they go far enough?
Paul Thomasch | Reuters | October 12th, 2007

The Ad Blitzers' Facade
Tom Robbins | Village Voice | October 10th, 2007

Sony Launches In-Game Ad Unit
Kamau High | AdWeek | October 10th, 2007

Need a phone number? Listen to ad and get it for free
Alejandro Bodipo-Memba | Detroit Free Press | October 8th, 2007

Scent Noses Its Way Into More Ad Efforts
Stephanie Kang and Ellen Byron | Wall Street Journal | October 8th, 2007

Nude Dancer Greets Air Travelers
Associated Press | June 14th, 2007

What's in a School Name? Maybe Money, Maybe Public Service; Policy's in the Works
Jo Collins Mathis | The Ann Arbor News | June 13th, 2007

Congressman Proposes Ads on NASA Assets
The Wall Street Journal | April 11th, 2007

Here, There and Everywhere
Walter Kirn | The New York Times | February 11th, 2007

Garbage Trucks: The New Hot Spot for Advertisers
Jack Neff | Advertising Age | February 2nd, 2007

Anywhere the Eye Can See, It’s Likely to See an Ad
Louise Story | The New York Times | January 15th, 2007

Coming to an Airport Checkpoint Near You: Ads in the Security Bins
Thomas Frank | USA Today | January 10th, 2007

Product Placement -- You Can't Escape It
Laura Petrecca | USA Today | October 11th, 2006

...Or Your Ad Here, on the Sidewalk
Alex Mindlin | The New York Times | October 1st, 2006

Would You Like Fries With That Monopoly Game?
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | September 12th, 2006

Blue-Ribbon Idea or Fairs Selling Out?
John Horton | Cleveland Plain Dealer | September 1st, 2006

Ads to Be Printed on Grocery Store Conveyor Belts
Mya Frazier | Advertising Age | August 17th, 2006

Place Your Ad Here, and Here
Julie Bosman | The New York Times | July 23rd, 2006

'Egg-vertising' by CBS: An Idea Not For Poaching
David Joachim | International Herald Tribune | July 17th, 2006

Blimp Company Produces 'TV in the Sky'
Travis Reed | Associated Press | June 19th, 2006

Advertiser Counts on Sheep to Pull Eyes Over the Wool
Doreen Carvajal | The New York Times | April 24th, 2006

As Sponsorship Sales Blossom, Public Radio Walks a Fine Line
Sarah McBride | Wall Street Journal | March 17th, 2006

Marketers Want to Appear on Small Screen
Matt Richtel | The New York Times | January 16th, 2006

Sony Ads Draw Public Ire
Jennifer Lin | Philadelphia Inquirer | December 28th, 2005

Dream of Having Your Name in Lights? So Does Your Iced Tea
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | June 6th, 2005

On Broadway, Ads Now Get to Play Cameo Roles
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | April 22nd, 2005

Personal Finance: Banks Are Heading Back to School; Credit Unions, Big Players
Jennifer Saranow | Wall Street Journal | March 8th, 2005

Dollars and Scents
Richard Morin | Washington Post | February 27th, 2005

Coming Distractions: City Council Wants Theaters to Tell Truth on Movie Times
David Saltonstall | New York Daily News | February 18th, 2005

Every Nook and Cranny: The Dangerous Spread of Commercialized Culture
Gary Ruskin and Juliet Schor | Multinational Monitor | January 31st, 2005

A is for Atkins? Not yet
Greg Toppo | USA Today | September 23rd, 2004

The Ad Subtractors, Making a Difference
Vincent P. Bzdek | Washington Post | July 29th, 2003

Taxi Trap
Editorial | Boston Globe | June 23rd, 2003

Meter Keeps Running, And So Do the Ads
James Collins | Boston Globe | June 10th, 2003

Advertisers Hope Fragrant Posters Are Nothing to Sniff At --- Firms Target U.K. Consumers With Ads That Sing and Spray; A Whiff of Head & Shoulders
Erin White | Wall Street Journal | October 10th, 2002

Advertising Legalized Lying? Critics Feel New Style of Advertising Dishonest
Peter Jennings | ABC News | August 23rd, 2002

That Guy Showing Off His Hot New Phone May Be a Shill --- New Campaign for Sony Ericsson Puts Actors in Real-Life Settings; Women Play Battleship at the Bar
Suzanne Vrancia | Wall Street Journal | July 31st, 2002

Catch Them When They're Attentive, Settled in Their Seats and Eating Popcorn -- at the Movies
Karen J. Bannan | The New York Times | October 8th, 2001

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide from Ad Barrage
Greg Johnson | Los Angeles Times | July 24th, 2001

Ads Show Up in Unexpected Places
Michael McCarthy | USA Today | March 23rd, 2001

'Tis the Season to Exploit Children
Gary Ruskin and Jonathan Rowe | Holland Sentinel | December 2nd, 2000

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